The BA Fine Art: Painting finalists at Camberwell College of Arts are proud to present their new year exhibition ‘We’re Watching You’ at Southwark Park Galleries. The exhibition, spread across two sites in the Dilston Gallery and Lake Gallery, presents a diverse range of works by 45 emerging and early career artists graduating in 2022.

Whether inspired or informed by social media or ancient practices, the exhibition explores such themes as our relationship with nature, subconscious behaviours, reinterpreting religion, identity, and sexuality, and the climate crisis. These works demonstrate a keen understanding of the shifting global context reflected in the painters’ evolving practices, a testament to the perseverance of young artists and their continued practice throughout the pandemic.

A variety of shifting narratives are exhibited here through mediums such as oil paint, clay, and textiles; painting need not be limited to the canvas. In impulsive or pensive application, painting from life, physical photographs, digital images, or from the imagination, the final year artists demonstrate a versatility in their differing approaches to image-making, and what it means to be an artist who paints.

As digitalisation continues its rapid upward trajectory, we might take this opportunity to reflect upon the dynamic discipline of painting, how young artists continue to reimagine its applications and possibilities, and to look up from our screens to watch this next generation of artists.

Words by Joseph Knoeppel

Exhibiting Artists //

Gabrielle Armstrong // Hannah Blakemore // Kate Burling // Camille Capozzi // Dan Chen // Mara Cosleacara //  Edit Csibi // Eviana Gerousi // Laura Da Silva Barroso // Xavia Duke Richards // Phoebe Evans // Ffi Farrer-miles // Marco Favero // Seb Forman // Pietro Gorini // Oscar Graham-rosser // Shannon Hansby //  Collins Madeleine Hawes // Blythe Hawkins // Maria De Lourdes // Hornung Min Huang // Alexandros Kalogerakis // Jamie Kirkwood // Anja Kuzmic // Joyce Lee // George Lee-o’neill // Charlotte Lewis-morton //  Anna Linton // Iyla Maharasingam-shah // Kira Mccarthy // Ali Mcgowan // Mali Magrath // Alex Parmenter // Ella Pitts-payne // Ashleigh Stevens // Hao Wang // Tina Weng // Yeonwoo Wi // Jacob Wilder // Verity Woolley // Shu Zheng // Reuben Sian De Gourlay

The show marks the 7th partnership between Camberwell College of Arts and Southwark Park Galleries.

This exhibition is generously supported by Arts Council EnglandSouthwark Council and University of the Arts London

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