Dictionary Definition:

1. A single thing or person.

2. Any group of things or persons regarded as an entity: They formed a cohesive unit.

3.one of the individuals or groups that together constitute a whole; one of the parts or elements into which a whole may be divided or analysed.

4.one of a number of things, organizations, etc., identical or equivalent in function or form: a rental unit; a unit of rolling stock.

5.any magnitude regarded as an independent whole; a single, indivisible entity.

Dilston Grove and Cafe Gallery are pleased to present Unit, a large scale group exhibition featuring works by Year Two students from Camberwell College.

Camberwell College’s world-class Fine Art programme is comprised of four undergraduate degree courses in the disciplines of Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. In each of these specializations, ambitious and innovative students work towards their own highly personalized Independent Programme of Study with internationally recognized artists and critics. The Fine Art programme’s dynamic professionally-focussed environment fosters creative and intellectual experimentation, confidence, and entrepreneurialism, preparing students for their chosen careers in the arts.

Through disciplinary study in Drawing, Painting, Photography, or Sculpture, students gain an acute awareness of their practices in relation to art historical and critical debates as a grounding to sophisticatedly negotiate today’s fast-paced cultural developments. The Fine Art programme at Camberwell cultivates a confident, mature, and robust understanding of contemporary art values, and most importantly, art’s future potentials. Students are encouraged to provocatively approach Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture from a variety of viewpoints – and to activate their ideas.

At Camberwell College, students learn by taking an active part on London’s international art stage, and Unit is part of students’ Professional Practice Development. Showcasing the practices of London’s next-generation of emerging artists, Unit features recent works by 154 artists, made in Camberwell College’s workshops – which host an expansive range of traditional skills-based facilities, specialist industrial fabrication equipment, as well as state-of-the-art digital, photographic, printmaking, and 3D resource centres.

Following in the tradition of Camberwell College alumni – many of whom today are household names, including Turner Prize and Oscar Award winners and nominees, John Moores, Jerwood, and BP Prize winners – Unit debuts of some of the most cutting-edge young artists currently training in the UK, giving an ‘in progress’ sneak preview of the British art stars of tomorrow.