The book is a container for holding or transporting something, an image, an idea, a dream, a provocation, or a statement. The familiar format of cover and pages, which unfolds sequentially, is a space to share ideas, a place to collect, or a site to fill.

‘The Book is a Container’ is a publication project by the MA Print students from the RCA. Over the last six months, each student has created a limited edition publication that considers the functionality of artist books and how the action of handling these objects offers an intimate experience. The publications have been made mainly at home with tools and materials at hand, reflecting the shift of working from home and the limitations many people have encountered.

The books will be gathered for one weekend in the Bermondsey Bothy in our Gallery Garden.

This show coincides with the launch of RCA2021 – a digital discovery platform, complemented by a festival of physical satellite events around London from the end of June through the summer and beyond.

Each student will have their own page, and RCA2021 will allow you to explore creative work through traditional pathways, such as by programme, School or artist, and also through themes and collections.

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