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21 March-28 April 2019   //   Lake Gallery

Hazel Brill, Richard Downes and Mr X

Preview:  Sunday 17 March // 3-6pm Exhibition Open:  Wednesday // Thursday // Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11am - 5pm

Realm is an experimental residency-based commission between a trio of London based artists Hazel Brill, Richard Downes and Mr X. Referred to as the ‘Lungs of London’* since the 18th century, our public parks are crucial to the balance of our urban

17 MAY-8 JULY 2018   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery


Preview:  SUNDAY 13 MAY // 3-6PM Exhibition Open:  THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11am - 5pm

CAPSID is the latest multi-media maximalist installation by London-based British artist John Walter (b.1978), best known for Alien Sex Club. Presenting a compelling, sometimes riotous and often surreal world incorporating 250 works of art, CAPSID is the result of collaboration between Walter

Megan Broadmeadow - Eyes Only (2018). Courtesy the artist.
21 March - 29 April 2018   //   Lake Gallery


Preview:  Sunday 18 March // 2-6pm Exhibition Open:  Wednesday - Sunday // 11am-5pm

Inspired by recent UFO religious leaders, and records of hallucinations from across human history, SEEK-PRAY-ADVANCE, EPISODE 1: EYES ONLY is the first chapter of an aggregative national touring exhibition by Bristol-based artist Megan Broadmeadow co-commissioned by CGP London, QUAD, Derby and Green Man Festival.

24 March - 17 April 2016   //   Dilston Gallery

Curated by Matt Carter

Preview:  Saturday 19 March // 2-5pm Exhibition Open:  Thursday // Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11-5pm

Graham Dolphin // Jean-Paul Kelly // Gil Leung // Priit Pärn // Eric Pauwels // Chris Saunders // Lucy Skaer   BRINK explores limits, extremes and the unease caused at the point of shifting perception. Exhaustion, perpetuity and frustration feature prominently, resonating

Anne Bean decade exhibition
19 September - 27 September 2015   //   Dilston Gallery


Preview:  Friday 18 September // 6-8pm // Performance 7pm Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM
Closing Event: Sunday 27 September // Starting at 3pm

Three new installations where the decayed and the present meet head on. REAP was an expansive, year-long investigation into the nature of time, memory and ephemerality created by Anne Bean, who invited a host of other artists to produce works in and around Dilston

Music of the Spheres Exhibition
13 June – 5 July 2015   //   Dilston Gallery

Music of the Spheres
Charlotte Jarvis with Dr. Nick Goldman and The Kreutzer Quartet

Preview:  Friday 12 June // 6:30-8:30pm Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Music of the Spheres uses new bioinformatics technology to store a new musical MP3 recording in DNA molecules. The DNA has been suspended in soap solution and used to create performances and installations filled with bubbles. The installation takes the form of

27 March – 26 April 2015   //   Dilston Gallery

Cantata Profana

Preview:  Sunday 22 March // 2-5pm Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Matt’s Gallery and CGP London present the second in a new series of co-productions Cantata Profana by Matt Stokes. The exhibition runs parallel with a new commission of work at Matt’s Gallery, Madman in a Lifeboat in Mile End (1 April–24 May 2015).

14 November - 14 December 2014   //   Dilston Gallery

Andrew Kötting & Iain Sinclair

Preview:  Sunday 9 November // 2:30 - 4:30pm Exhibition Open:  Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11am-4pm

Toby Jones, Iain Sinclair and Andrew Kötting (dressed as a Straw Bear), made an eighty mile walk from Epping Forest to Helpston in Northamptonshire, following in the footsteps of the poet John Clare. Clare’s delirious march is the catalyst for the project.

31 August 2013   //   Dilston Gallery

A Performance Event Curated by Laura Dee Milnes

Exhibition Open:  SATURDAY // 2-8pm

The 4th edition of BEG, BORROW, STEAL returned to its original birthplace in Dilston Grove, in the form of an afternoon and evening of performance, video, sound, craft and music art works by WOMEN, for EVERYONE! Inspired by Riot Grrrlz (and every

Nothing Can Stop Us Now - Richard Grayson
23 May - 15 June 2014   //   Dilston Gallery

Nothing Can Stop Us Now
Richard Grayson

Preview:  Saturday 24 May // 2:30 – 5:30pm Exhibition Open:  Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11am-5pm

In a series of partnerships between Matt’s Gallery and CGP London, Richard Grayson presents a multiscreen sound and video installation.
 Nothing Can Stop Us Now features the song ‘Stalin wasn’t Stallin’ memorably covered by Robert Wyatt on his 1982 album ‘Nothing Can Stop

Mark Titchner
2 April - 4 May 2014   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery


Exhibition Open:  Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11am-5pm

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the opening of Cafe Gallery and the 15th anniversary of the opening Dilston Grove, CGP London has, for the very first time, commissioned a single artist to present works across it’s two venues. At Dilston

18 September-20 October 2013   //   Dilston Gallery

Ω = 1

Preview:  Sunday 15 September 2013 Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY - SUNDAY // 11AM–5PM

Developed over the past 10 years the Ω = 1 project has been concerned with the possibility of placing a pencil into a state of perfect balance, and holding it there permanently motionless. The idea originated in 2003 whilst coming across a

32 August 2013   //   Dilston Gallery

A Performance Event Curated by Laura Dee Milnes & Sarah Gavin

Exhibition Open:  SATURDAY // 2-8pm

BEG, BORROW, STEAL #2 is a day-long curated programme of performance art at Dilston Grove in Southwark Park, featuring a host of artists from dark corners, glittery stages, white-walled galleries and gravelly gutters. It is commonly speculated that many who create that

22 May - 23 June 2013   //   Dilston Gallery

Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen

Preview:  Tuesday 21 May // 6.30 - 8.30pm Exhibition Open:  Wednesday // Thursday // Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11AM–5PM

An Autograph ABP and CGP London collaboration. The vast raw space of Dilston Grove welcomes three works by the internationaly acclaimed artist Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen. Since graduating in 2001, Danish artist Larsen has primarily been working with film and video. Often

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