Exploring ideas of archives, collections and museums, taking the current exhibition as a point of departure, Abigail Hunt will work with you to find, make and curate a selection of interesting and inspiring objects, thinking about the relationships and stories behind objects and the way they can be the starting point for new ways of thinking.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to experiment with drawing, collage, and small scale sculpture techniques.

Open to all with inquisitive minds over the age of 55.

Abigail Hunt‘s artistic practice centres around found objects and images and a procession of tasks: the investigative research of an image, the deconstruction of a line, the disablement of form and finally the reconstruction and reconfiguration of the object. These processes are similar to that of understanding a new language. Through translating one language of images and the later reformation and retelling through made objects Abigail creates her own structures, tones and descriptions.


To make a booking either:

Send an email to Debbie at learning@cgplondon.org or telephone 0207 237 1230

Seniors Art School is generously supported by the North Southwark Environment Trust.