We have three permanent artworks in Southwark Park: Marcia Farquhar’s outdoors sculpture at Lake Gallery’s entrance ‘Onwards’ (2018), Alec Finlay’s nest box sculpture trail across the gallery’s park surrounding and Bobby Niven’s Bermondsey Bothy that hosts our Residency Programme in our Garden.

Marcia Farquhar, Onwards (2018)

‘Onwards’ was commissioned as part of Marcia Farquhar’s 2018 first ‘non-survey’ show DIFFIKUΛT. Much of her work makes frequent and subversive use of familiar cultural forms, ‘Onwards’ is no stranger to this leading us in five different directions with a single recurring instruction.

Typical of Marcia’s work ‘Onwards’ is conceptual in nature; precariously balanced between the prescribed and the unpredictable – socially open, broadly embracing of circumstance, and resolutely focused in the live and unrepeatable moment.

Alec Finlay’s Permanent Sculpture Trail: Questions & Answers (After Paul Celan)

In spring 2018, Southwark Park Galleries launched a new permanent nest box sculpture trail across the gallery’s park surroundings, by the Scottish artist and poet Alec Finlay.

The project is a portrait of Southwark Park and our diverse local communities which celebrates the rich biodiversity and stunning surroundings of our park and indeed the city’s parks as a whole in enriching our daily lives through colour, play and wellbeing.

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Bermondsey Bothy by Bobby Niven

In 2018 we launched our Bermondsey Bothy, a permanent outdoor art workshop and residency site built by Scottish artist Bobby Niven (co-founder, Bothy Project), which hosts our programme of commissioned residencies. This programme provides a unique environment in which we can support creative development by providing longer gestation periods for the maturation of ideas and focused critical engagement.

Bermondsey Bothy is a quiet space for artistic experimentation, horticultural and conservation research, writing, meditation and creativity.

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