When quiet, and uninhabited… do buildings dream?

O Complex Mass is a new site-specific performance work by artist John Lawrence, with composer Stephen Crowe and experimental London-based choir Musarc, made in response to our historic Dilston Gallery and asks how a building might dream about itself: its own purpose, history, materiality and meaning.

Developed over an extended period of site-responsive research, and produced specifically for and about Dilston Gallery through an approach Lawrence refers to as ‘spatial writing’ (alluding to both Spatial Music and site-writing practices), O Complex Mass centres around a new choral work about concrete production with Musarc’s singers giving voice to this building’s self-reflexive dream.

Proposed as a form of ‘concrete liturgy’ for Dilston and its extended community, O Complex Mass explores the overlapping histories of this unique building, emphasising and sharing its rare qualities with an aim to give audiences a heightened experience of the space itself.

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A project by John Lawrence
Graphic Score by Stephen Crowe
Performed by Musarc

O Complex Mass is generously supported by Arts Council England.

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