Bedwyr Williams // Arse Kicking Session for British Artists Who Say Ass (2020).

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Bedwyr Williams, whose exhibition at Southwark Park Galleries is postponed due to Covid-19 to Spring 2021, has been helping us get through this pandemic with his wonderful works on Instagram. If you don’t already follow his work, of captioned illustrations of satirical observations, you are in for a treat. 

Aware of the difficulty we face as an organisation who have received limited emergency assistance, Bedwyr has generously donated this special limited edition print to enable us to raise essential funds following a significant loss of income during the last 6 months of closure. 

As an organisation, we are committed to assisting artists in realising their potential and making their work available to see, for free, to everyone. In order to achieve this, we are a sum of many parts including freelance technicians, freelance front of house staff, cleaners and other suppliers, most of which are artists themselves.

All sales support us to stay open and free, in turn supporting keeping these jobs available, as well as providing free access to culture for our neighbours and communities. 

In order to make this offer available to as many as possible, we have kept the price as low as we can. The edition is just £120 including VAT.