department of Unruly histories is an artwork produced by Meera Shakti Osborne consisting of a collective sonic and material archive built on post-colonial migration stories in London. In conjunction with an exhibition at Cubitt Artists, ten audio pieces are installed in various satellite sites across London. These ten sites were chosen by the participants based on intimate affinities with certain neighbourhoods, or where they felt they wanted their work to be heard.

In Kurds Don’t Steal, artist and poet from Larena Amin, reflects on Kurdish and British histories of police violence, incarceration, community formation, and resistance. Larena speaks alongside Kurdish accountant Ocan from North London to reflect on what it means to bring Kurdish resistance values to London in the demands asked for social wellbeing.

department of Unruly histories is a project curated by Mariam Elnozahy for Cubitt Artists. Southwark Park Galleries was chosen as a site by the artist.

Free, sound work available in the gallery foyer.