Leanne Cunningham // Cecilia Dallafina // Li Dingyi // Anna Celeste Edmonds // Matt Harding // Aminah Ibrahim // Khaled Kaddal // Francisco Mazza // Anuka Ramischwili-Schaefer // Ilia Rogatchevski // Pablo Santacruz // Shi Lu

Daily Concerns traces themes that include the materiality and meaning of the everyday through contemporary sonic practices. The intimacy of the human scale often intersects with the global, and celestial, alongside translations across contexts, in pieces that span installation, composition and performance. This exhibition and events programme brings together the work of the thirteen graduating students from the MA Sound Arts at London College of Communication, UAL and is part of the London College of Communication Postgraduate Shows 2016. The exhibition presents an opportunity to encounter the rich diversity of practices emerging from this course, now in its ninth year.

There will be a symposium on Saturday 10 December, 1-4.30pm. More information below.

Li Dingyi’s installation Leap Days, a title taken from a line of poetry by Anna Peters, works through feelings of displacement and the ephemerality of daily life, recorded in sounds and polaroid images, drawing on the Japanese notion of ‘一期一会’ (‘ichi-go ichi-e’). Aminah Ibrahim and Anuka Ramischwili-Schaefer’s audio-visual installation departs from a document of their ongoing collaborative conversational practice, made available through three iterations; as edited speech, its interstices and graphical representations. Francisco Mazza’s work translates between the contexts of cinema and the sonic, shooting a film as a sound recording, creating concrete connections between soundscape research and sound for film. Khaled Khaddal’s multipartite performance project, CODE 03 and CODE 20, explores the psychological impact of the belliphonic on the listener during transformative socio-political events and will be performed at the exhibition’s opening and research symposium respectively. Pablo Santacruz’s acousmatic composition works between the celestial and human scale, utilising archival planetary and star sound recordings within the format of a shamanic journey. Shi Lu’s installation, Immortal, meditates on the interplay between solar and urban sounds. Ilia Rogatchevski’s work, through a series of ‘mute radio objects’ and live radio transmissions, invites the presence of the pure earth signal into the exhibition space, and explores the simultaneous nature of radio as ever-present, yet only accessible through specific mediating technologies. Cecilia Dallafina’s interactive sound installation invites visitors to explore the granularity of the historic concrete walls of Dilston Grove itself by using her self-built optical synthesiser. Anna Celeste Edmonds concerns herself with the notion of heritage and ‘sonic caretaking’ for buildings in a state of near-ruin, through a collection of mixed media and voice recorded in situ at Birmingham Curzon Street Station – one of the world’s oldest railway termini – left unused for a number of decades and with an uncertain fate. Leanne Cunningham’s performance installation evokes a new set-up of dialogue, as an alternative archive of personal knowledge. Matt Harding’s piece takes up delicate everyday sounds as sonic objects, which manifest themselves over interconnected configurations, including Daily Concerns, a video animation that names the overall exhibition.

Curator: Irene Revell 

Course Leader: Thomas Gardner

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Daily Concerns: Symposium and Performances, 1-4.30pm
1pm – Symposium with Sam Belinfante and Lisa Hall
2.45pm – Performances by Khaled Kaddal, Leanne Cunningham and Ilia Rogatchevski
Refreshments will be provided.