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Arts Award

Southwark Park Galleries is an Arts Award Centre – we can help you achieve your Arts Award qualification.
We offer a range of different activities which can help you or your school with your Arts Award.

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that support children and young people to grow as artists and arts leaders. Arts Award is open to anyone aged 25 and under. Through Arts Award, children and young people develop creative and critical skills, set themselves challenges, explore the arts, share their achievements and can gain a recognised qualification.

Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England, working with 10 regional Bridge organisations.

Arts Award (Bronze) is open to anyone aged 11 to 25 years (designed for ages 11 to 14)

How does Arts Awards (Bronze) work and what do Young People need to do?

To pass Bronze Arts Award, young people are required to create an individual arts log or portfolio that demonstrates  how they meet the following requirements:create a personal arts log or portfolio containing evidence of their experiences. These arts logs or portfolios can be in any format, including digital. Young people will need to provide a portfolio for each one of the following:

  • Take part in the arts – Development of interests, knowledge and skills through active participation in any art form (Part A)
  • Review an arts event/experience – Experience of at least one arts event/experience as an audience member (Part B)
  • Research an artist or craftsperson (Part C) – Research into the work of an artist/craftsperson that inspires them (Part C)
  • Pass on arts skills to others – Experience of passing on an arts skill (Part D)

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more. You can start your work towards Arts Awards (Bronze) certificate with our Free Young People’s Courses, which counts for Part A.

How long does it take?

All Arts Awards qualifications are assigned a total qualification time (TQT). Total qualification is an estimate of the average time a young person spends with an adviser or adult to support them (guided learning hours) added to the average time spent learning independently. It is recognised that the amount of time needed to complete a qualification will depend on the level of experience of each individual or group. For this reason, the TQT should be used as guidance only.

Bronze Arts Award – Guided learning hours = 40 + Independent learning hours = 20. Total = 60 hours

Is there a deadline?

No, there isn’t any deadline.

Will Young People get any support from Southwark Park Galleries?

Yes! No worries, you are not alone! Our Public Engagement Team will be your Advisor and will help Young People in building their portfolio.

Teachers // Group leaders // Young People to book a place on any of the activities please check our website under Learning for details of events then contact learning@southwarkparkgalleries.org


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