Radio Anti are the first commissioned artists-in-residence in our recently launched Bermondsey Bothy. During their residency, Radio Anti will research allegory, metaphor and other literary devices within the immigration process for asylum seekers.

Despite being presented as objective and unauthored statements of fact, administrative and legislative documents are often rich in allegory and metaphor. Over the course of a month, Radio Anti will collect documents relating to immigration and asylum and subject them to a literary critique, understanding them through their textual and stylistic elements, rather than their political and legal implications.

As part of its research Radio Anti will work with young refugees studying English at the Bosco Centre located across the road from the northern entrance to Southwark Park, to untangle the fictions, ambiguities and absurdities experienced by those navigating the UK’s immigration system.

This research, including interviews and conversations with various informants, will be broadcast by Radio Anti on a local FM broadcast reaching the limits of Southwark Park, and online at CGP’s website.

RADIOANTI is on Mixlr

Radio Anti is a temporary online and FM radio station that investigates a range of theoretical and material subjects through intermittent broadcasts; each of which is unique in its time, place and participants. Radio Anti has transmitted from Tate Liverpool, the Serpentine Gallery and Bloc Projects in Sheffield. It is organised by Matthew De Kersaint Giraudeau and Ross Jardine.


Image Credit: © Tate Liverpool, Roger Sinek


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