CGP London // The Gallery // 20 October // 10-12am

Free art workshop for families and young children

Artist Laura Misch put CGP London’s allotment garden to bed during this drop-in session. Families and children were invited to create their own vegetable instrument in celebration of the harvest season and contribute their sound bites to a collective podcast.

You can listen to the “CGP Sounds From The Soil” here:


Laura Misch is an artist, saxophonist and producer from South-East London. Parallel to her work in production and performance, she is interested in socially engaged art and has experience running workshops at Peckham Platform and schools across Peckham. Her latest release Playground LP (2017) is an exploration into childhood and generates a sonic space full of home sampling and sax rich production. Following its release, Laura was invited to perform live on BBC Radio 6 with Gilles Peterson. Laura is interested in exploring folk and DIY instruments, experimenting new sounds with electronic manipulation. She aims to run workshops that make music accessible and engaging for all.

The workshop was inspired by the exhibition As Sculpture by Peter Liversidge

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