Come get your draw on! Explore the joys of drawing and how your marks change with each tempo. Led by artist Alexa Lowe, you will draw in response to changing music, on different surfaces and with a variety of exciting materials. This year’s Big Draw Festival’s theme is Play, letting loose and having fun. This drop-in workshop for families and children of all ages won’t disappoint!

Alexa Lowe is an artist interested in exploring the voice of the mark, through a range of materials and methods. She is interested in how the process of making brings thoughts into being and works with different community groups to encourage and further develop creative expression for all. She holds a BA in Visual Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles (2006).

The workshop is inspired by our current exhibition Difficuλt by Marcia Farquhar and is programmed as part of The Big Draw.

Please note children must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, please contact

Supported by:

Mr Christian Jädicke, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg