This exhibition continues a long standing partnership between CGP London and the Royal College of Art Printmaking Department. It is an annual event, which mixes up students from the first and second year MA, for the first time is always an exciting showcase with a broad interpretation of printmaking today.


Susannah Stark
Nils Alix-Tabeling
Gianluca Craca
Nadia Francis
Qiaoxi Chen
Egle Pernaravicute
Fei Fei Yu
Emma-Jane Whitton
Randy Bretzin
Natalia Skobeeva
Samuel Taylor
Marine Lefebvre
Frances Gordon
Daisy Billowes
Julia Marco Company
George Yarker
Joanne Verbena
Kim Robertson
Alexa Thomson
Wei Wu
Zilin Lin
Luke Whilmhurst
Carol Justin Whilde
Victoria Zanconato
Shigetoshi Furutani
Maria Teresa Cascon