Friday 29 June 2018   //   Garden & Bothy

Bermondsey Bothy Launch
Bobby Niven

On Friday 29 June we launched our Bermondsey Bothy, a permanent outdoor art workshop and residency site by Scottish artist Bobby Niven (co-founder, Bothy Project) Bermondsey Bothy is a quiet space for artistic experimentation, horticultural and conservation research, writing, meditation and creativity. A

Arts Council England’s Catalyst Small Grants

We are thrilled to announce that CGP London has been awarded funding through Arts Council England’s Catalyst Small Grants scheme. This funding, over an 18 month period, will finance a targeted investment that will enable us to build our capacity and ability

The Co-op Local Community Fund

CGP London has been selected to receive funding from the The Co-op Local Community Fund and YOU can help us! If you’re a Co-op Member, log in to your Co-op Membership account and select CGP London as your local cause; if you’re not a member, please