Annual Open 2022 // Moving Image

Watch twenty-one Moving Image works by artists: Judy Acton, Charlotte Cooper, Robert P. Clarke, Shou-An Chiang, Tom Connell Wilson, Alice Deptiva, Susanne Dietz, Brian Francis, Glam Gould & Seyeong Yoon, Sijia Guo, Tom Hackett, Susannah Hewlett, Margaret Jennings, Monika K. Adler, Matthew

Colourful large sculptures on carts, spot lit to cast shadows on the concrete church walls.

Podcast // Candida Powell-Williams in conversation with Hettie Judah

Recorded live as part of our events programme for Candida Powell-Williams’ exhibition Tilt Shift: Shadows of the Seasoned Sun. Art critic and writer, Hettie Judah joins artist Candida Powell-Williams in conversation about her practice. You can subscribe and listen to Southwark Park

Watch // Sam Keogh, I Won’t Scatter Your Sorrow To The Heartless Sea, 2021

As part of the group exhibition Trouble in Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus at Southwark Park Galleries, 15 September – 31 October 2021, Sam Keogh’s performance ‘I Won’t Scatter Your Sorrow To The Heartless Sea’ loosely channels Southwark Park’s history as a

Multiple vibrant ceramic and cement sculptures, paintings and three-dimensional cutouts by Anne Ryan on the altar of Dilston Gallery, a raw deconsecrated church.⠀

Podcast // Anne Ryan In Conversation with Charlotte Higgins

Recorded live as part of our events programme for Anne Ryan’s exhibition The City Rises at Southwark Park Galleries, Dilston Gallery. Author and journalist Charlotte Higgins joins artist Anne Ryan in conversation about her work. Anne Ryan is represented by Greengrassi. You can

A dark seascape with waves crashing over rocks and dark clouds rolling into the horizon. Overlaid is white text that read 'SEA'

Podcast // The Noise of the Mayflower // Episode 1: The Noise of the Sea

Join Radio Anti as they approach the historical legacies and contemporary meanings of the Mayflower crossing through its noisy elements: the sea, the ship, and the settlers. In this three part series, Matt and Ross play a mixture of music, Youtube videos and

Watch // Fani Parali, AONYX & DREPAN, 2020

Fani Parali’s monumental performance installation AONYX and DREPAN at Southwark Park Galleries, 10 October – 15 December 2020, was developed in direct response to the soaring scale of Dilston Gallery – a raw, deconsecrated space. The gallery is transformed into an otherworld;

A magazine cutting with the title 'The British Empire' in blue print, in the left-hand corner and a 1823 painted scene of men in Barbados pushing barrels of sugar and rum on the shore, ready to be shipped to England. In the left-hand corner, a paragraph in small print reads: 'Barrels of sugar and rum, brought in carts from the remote plantations to the nearest beach, are rolled in dinghies and rowed out to lighters moored in the shallow water. These small boats took their cargoes round the coast to the island's two ports, where deep-draught merchantmen awaited them. There, the barrels were stowed for the last leg of their journey to England, where the agents of the plantation-owners sold the contents'.

Listen // To Us It Just Looks Like A Lemon

To Us It Just Looks Like A Lemon is a collection of reflections on the Mayflower and other colonial strategies, and is the outcome of Holly Graham‘s residency at Southwark Park Galleries in 2019. Pulling together her ongoing research into histories and legacies

Listen // Woman Peeling Turnips; A Portrait of my Father

Richard Scott’s ‘Woman Peeling Turnips; A Portrait of my Father’ is the result of the poet’s residency at Southwark Park Galleries in August 2019, Queer Pilgrims. This new text forms a poetic investigation into ekphrasis*, father-figures and the violence of creation. Using Chardin’s 1738

An arrangement of three of Anne Ryan's vibrant 'cut-outs' on a white shelf. These cut-outs are colourful three-dimensional paintings made out of card. The paintings depict various figures indulging in different activities and scenarios.

Podcast // Lockdown Elevenses with Anne Ryan

In this episode, we catch up with artist Anne Ryan. Anne talks about an artist priest, mosh pits and leaving her balcony garden to be managed by wildlife. Lockdown Elevenses is where we catch up with the brilliant artists in our upcoming

Multiple printed images, sketches and watercolour paintings pinned and slightly overlapping to a cork board in Candida Powell-Williams Studio

Podcast // Lockdown Elevenses with Candida Powell-Williams

In this episode, we catch up with artist Candida Powell-Williams. Candida talks about labyrinths, follies and a forgotten Gallo-Roman water goddess. Lockdown Elevenses is where we catch up with the brilliant artists in our upcoming programme and ask them a bunch of

Tangled dry roots in soil.

Podcast // Lockdown Elevenses with Rebecca Lennon

 For those of you that have listened to Episode 1 // Lockdown Elevenses with Fani Parali, you will know that in this series we catch up with the brilliant artists in our upcoming programme and ask them a bunch of questions