PT1: 27–28 January // PT2: 3–4 February 2024   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

En Route
Final-year BA Fine Art: Painting at Camberwell College of Arts

Exhibition Open:  Saturday & Sunday // 11am–4pm

Final-year BA Fine Art: Painting at Camberwell College of Arts are proud to present En Route, a two-part exhibition at Southwark Park Galleries. En Route, commonly used to refer to a waypoint whilst travelling, denotes the exhibiting artists’ journey as they approach

Show 1: 13–14 January // Show 2: 20–21 January 2024   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Gone to the dogs
Final-year BA Fine Art: Drawing, Photography, Sculpture and Computational Arts at Camberwell College of Arts

Exhibition Open:  Saturday // Sunday // 11am–4pm

We’ve gone to the dogs You are real? Dogs are real too. Take me on a walk! Students from across Camberwell College of Arts’ Undergraduate Fine Art Programme have put together, “GONE TO THE DOGS”. Understanding that all the works spur from

6 April - 23 June 2024   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Jerwood Survey III

Preview:  Preview 5 April Exhibition Open:  Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm

Jerwood Survey is a major biennial touring exhibition that presents new commissions by 10 early-career artists from across the UK, providing a distinctive snapshot of current concerns and approaches in the visual arts. Established in 2018, it responds to a vital need

30 November–3 December 2023   //   Dilston Gallery

A Pluriversal Volume
LCC MA Sound Arts Postgraduate Show 2023

Preview:  30 November // 1–4pm Exhibition Open:  Thursday - Sunday // 11am–4pm

Rupert Austin | Ilya Gurin-Babayeu | Mingda Bi | Elliot Buchanan | Anqi Deng | Reid Dudley Peirson | Weiqi Feng | Aliya Goldstone | Ben Harrison | Maxine Hayes | Jeremy Kent | Kezheng Li | Peiyang Li | Alberto De

15 July-24 September 2023   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Tim Spooner

Preview:  14 July // 6-8pm Exhibition Open:  Lake Gallery: Wednesday - Sunday, 11am–5pm // Dilston Gallery: Saturday - Sunday, 11am–5pm

In summer, Southwark Park Galleries will present an extensive installation by multidisciplinary artist Tim Spooner for his largest UK solo exhibition in a visual arts organisation. Spooner has been creating immersive sculptural interventions and performances since 2010, which have been predominantly experienced

A floor to ceiling painting of colourful abstracted body outlines.
16 APRIL – 2 JULY 2023   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Florence Peake

Preview:  Saturday 15 April // 12-5pm Exhibition Open:  Lake Gallery: Wednesday - Sunday, 11am–5pm // Dilston Gallery: Saturday - Sunday, 11am–5pm

Southwark Park Galleries’ 2023 exhibition programme will launch this spring with a new immersive and performative installation by internationally renowned choreographer and visual artist Florence Peake. Enveloping both our galleries, Peake’s major solo commission will present a body of monumental paintings using

Rescheduled for 2024   //   Dilston Gallery

In the Temple of the Earth
Paul Purgas

Artist and musician Paul Purgas presents a new installation this autumn within Dilston Gallery, informed by his research into the histories of design, sound and spiritual philosophy innate to Modernism’s evolution and development within South Asia. Addressing the context of Dilston Gallery

25-26 March 2023   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Two Fold
RCA MA Print

Preview:  Closing event: Sunday 26 March // 2–5pm Exhibition Open:  Saturday // Sunday // 11am–5pm

The exhibiting artists in Lake Gallery are in the second year of their two-year MA program in Print at the Royal College of Art. Their work reflects the diversity of people and approaches which the course embraces. Print is seen as an

PT1: 28–29 January // PT2: 4–5 February 2023   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Camberwell College of Arts Third Year BA Fine Art: Painting

Exhibition Open:  Saturday // Sunday // 11am–4pm

Alter/Altar presents works by the graduating students of Camberwell College BA Painting degree at Southwark Park Galleries in January and February of 2023. Over one hundred emerging artists will participate in this two-week exhibition, which takes place simultaneously at the Lake Gallery

Chapter 1: 14–15 January // Chapter 2: 21–22 January 2023   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Camberwell College of Arts Third Year BA Fine Art: Drawing | Photography | Sculpture

Exhibition Open:  Saturday // Sunday // 11am–4pm

The PIT is a little hard, a little bitter, a little sweet. It is a hole where you can find things. You can spit it out, or you can eat it whole. It can be deep or shallow. Empty and full. Presenting

1 December–4 December 2022   //   Dilston Gallery

Noise Bodies
LCC MA Sound Arts Postgraduate Show 2022

Exhibition Open:  Friday // Saturday // Sunday, 11am–4pm

Sarah Birchall | Toby Boston | Wenyu Du | Jiajing He | Xiuling He | Timotej Kuhar Cernej | Maria Marshall | Xin Ni | Mike Olliston | Xinyu Pan | Finbar Prior | Beth Robertson | Elliot Somerfield | Minne Sun

Circular pattern of varying stones section into triangles with a blue colour overlay
23 October 2022   //   Dilston Gallery

O Complex Mass // A Concrete Liturgy for Dilston Gallery
John Lawrence

Exhibition Open:  12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 4pm. Free, booking required.

When quiet, and uninhabited… do buildings dream? O Complex Mass is a new site-specific performance work by artist John Lawrence, with composer Stephen Crowe and experimental London-based choir Musarc, made in response to our historic Dilston Gallery and asks how a building

4–6 November 2022   //   Dilston Gallery

MA Fine Art students from Camberwell College of Arts

Exhibition Open:  Friday // Saturday // Sunday, 11am–4pm

CHURCH / FACTORY brings together MA Fine Art students from Camberwell College of Arts, UAL across two sites, Southwark Park Galleries, Dilston Gallery and The Copeland Gallery, presenting an ambitious collection of work spanning sculpture, computational arts, photography, painting, drawing and printmaking.

Friday 9 & 10 September 2022 // Tickets £6   //   Dilston Gallery

LIFE IS SOFT (Work in Progress)
Martin Creed

Exhibition Open:  7pm

Join Martin Creed for the London debut of his award-winning LIFE IS SOFT, following its success at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Book your ticket via Eventbrite. LIFE IS SOFT Martin Creed, Turner prize-winning artist performer composer ‘Punk poet’ (The Guardian) anti-war warm-hearted