11 June-18 July 2011   //   Lake Gallery

Group exhibition curated by Gary Stevens

Preview:  Sunday 8 June 2011 Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12–6PM

Emma Benson, Ian Bourn, Claire Blundell Jones, Helena Bryant, Lee Campbell, Helena Goldwater, Michelle Griffiths, Zoe Mendelson, Graeme Miller, Frog Morris and Lee Campbell, Steve Ounanian, Florence Peake, Tim Spooner, Fiona Templeton and Caroline Wilkinson. Curated by Gary Stevens. ARCHIPELAGO is a

11 June-18 July   //   Dilston Gallery

A series of six mini-residencies. Concept by Anne Bean

Preview:  Saturday 7 June 2011 // 12-6pm Exhibition Open:  SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12-6PM

A series of six mini-residencies featuring Anne Bean, William Cobbing, David Cotterrell, Carl Von Weiler, Rachel Lowe and Bronwen Buckeridge. Click here to view the online video and book. WAKE (visible tracks of turbulence) interrogates materiality itself, as well as notions of

11 May-5 June 2011   //   Lake Gallery

A group exhibition curated by Rebecca Geldard

Preview:  Sunday 8 May // 2-5pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12-6PM

Paul Lee, Kalin Lindena, Audrey Reynolds, Vittorio Santoro, Matthew Smith, Mhairi Vari, WITH. The works selected for ‘Personal Use’ identify points of connection and collapse between the public and the private; as both malleable concepts and everyday definitive territories. Though made from

11-20 March 2011   //   Lake Gallery

The First Exhibition
Royal College of Art // Printmaking MA Year 1 students

Preview:  Friday 18 March // 6.30-8pm Exhibition Open:  SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12-6PM

Twenty five emerging artists in association with RCA. The opportunity for students on the MA Printmaking course to curate and present their work at Cafe Gallery is invaluable for their creative development. Giving artists space to make and present work in a

13 February – 27 February 2011   //   Lake Gallery

Make a space a place

Preview:  Saturday 13 February // 1-3pm Exhibition Open:  Wednesday // Thursday // Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11AM–4PM

An exhibition of artwork by Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils from Bessemer Grange, Bellenden, Brunswick Park, Goodrich, John Stainer and St Anthony’s schools. Make a Space a Place is a London Schools Project realised by Young Visions for CGP London.

12-21 November 2010   //   Dilston Gallery

Homeless Gallery
open submission photography exhibition

Preview:  Saturday 13 November // 3-6pm with live jazz - Maurizio Minardi - piano and Maciej Konieczny - sax Exhibition Open:  SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 10–4PM

Dilston Grove offers a temporary home for Homeless Gallery’s second edition, organised by Deconstruction Project with the support of the Polish Cultural Institute in London. Since its inception in 2002, the Homeless Gallery has had over 80 editions worldwide, including UK, Ireland,

7 October-7 November 2010   //   Lake Gallery

Throwing Shapes
Group exhibition curated by Rebecca Geldard

Preview:  Sunday 3 October // 2-5pm Exhibition Open:  THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12–5PM

A Coleman Project Space two-venue initiative curated by Rebecca Geldard. Clare Goodwin, Alasdair Duncan, Vanessa Jackson, Kilian Rüthemann Throwing Shapes is a two-site group exhibition on the itinerant nature of abstract painting’s core motifs. The conversational starting point for this colourful dialogue

17-19 September 2010   //   Dilston Gallery

TAPS: Improvisations with Paul Burwell

Exhibition Open:  FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY

Matt’s Gallery presents a group exhibition at Dilston Grove, realised by Anne Bean, Robin Klassnik and Richard Wilson. Paul Burwell was infamous for his exuberant fusions of fine-art installation, percussion and explosive performance. He was a staunch advocate of, and passionate participant

3-12 September 2010   //   Lake Gallery

Postcards from the Park
Southwark Park Photography Trail With Rotherhithe Primary School

Preview:  Friday 17 September // 2.30-4.30pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12–6PM

Postcards from the Park is a national photography competition organised by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), the Big Lottery Fund (BIG) and parks charity GreenSpace. Highlighting the Southwark part of the competition, local school children from Rotherhithe Primary took part in a

26-28 February 2010   //   Lake Gallery

Royal College of Art // Printmaking MA students

Preview:  Sunday 28 February // 2-4pm Closing View Exhibition Open:  SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 11AM–4PM

The Royal College of Art is proud to present PARK VIEW SITU, an exhibition of diverse and exciting new works by eighteen emerging artists. View ‘living’ objects, installations, sculptural prints and a sneak preview of works in progress, before a final exhibition

23 September-25 October 2009   //   Lake Gallery

Group exhibition curated by Liz Murray

Preview:  Sunday 20 September // 2-5pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12-6pm

Cecilia Bonilla, Jemima Brown, Lucy Clout, Sarah Dobai, Andy Harper, Richard Healy, Hunt & Darton, Timo Kube, Katy Merrington Now You See It features the work of artists whose practices engage with mimesis and reality. Although we know we shouldn’t always believe our eyes – that

27 May-28 June 2009   //   Lake Gallery

Group exhibition

Preview:  Sunday 24 May // 2-5pm Exhibition Open:  WEDNESDAY // THURSDAY // FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // 12-6pm

A lens based media installation featuring Maja Bajevic, Benjamin Beker, Astrid Busch, Kate Gilmore. Immo Klink, Susan MacWilliam, James Pogson, Anina Schenker Feel the Force brings together the work of eight international artists whose lens-based practices engage with power and resistance. Force

20 September-29 October 2006   //   Dilston Gallery

Michael Cross, curated by Andrée Cooke

Bridge is a spectacular new site-specific design commission for Dilston Grove by Michael Cross. Housed in a former church, (one of the earliest examples of poured concrete construction and a Grade II listed building), the piece comprises submerging two thirds of the