This exhibition continues a long standing partnership between CGP London and the Royal College of Art Printmaking Department. It is an annual event, which mixes up students from the first and second year MA, for the first time is always an exciting showcase with a broad interpretation of printmaking today.

Kristina Chan
Astrid de Broqueville
Jake Garfield
Wuon-Gean Ho
Elizabeth Wilson
Shivangi Ladha
James Bullimore
Mollie Tearne
Natalie Turner
James Jessiman
Ahaad Almoudi
Nicolai Freberg
Yun Cheng
Victoria Sin
Eugenia Popesco
Ji Yue Deng
Leonie Lachlan
Vicky Samuel
Yuko Obe
Myka Baum
Karl-Peter Penke
Bianca Barandun
Heidi Mortensen
Holly Drewett
Joseph Kessler
Fran Gordon