CGP London // Dilston Grove // 6 October // 10-12am & 1-3pm

Free art workshop for families and adults

Join Caroline Wendling for a workshop on alternative drawing. We will explore the idea of drawing with our body, by moving through the park and tracing an evolving line that might be the start for something called a choreography.

With a proposal-led walk, we will discover the park surroundings through sensorial feelings.

Maurice Merleau- Ponty in The World of Perception says, “man is a mind with a body, a being who can only get to the truth of things because its body is, as it were, embedded in those things”. The act of walking enhances our perception of a place, so that play and expression through walking might then stimulate many wonderful forms of drawing.

Caroline Wendling explores ideas of place and belonging through a variety of mediums. She attempts to give material form to the complex interconnectedness of our mental landscapes and the actual space we inhabit. Caroline creates site-specific participatory performances. She takes her participants on a physical and sensory journey; leaving them with a poetic encounter and a story to tell. Her practice is focused on making works that are fragile and transient, creating experiences and discussion as well as drawings and objects.

The workshop is inspired by our current exhibition As Sculpture by Peter Liversidge and is programmed as part of the The Big Draw 

The workshop will partly take place outdoors. We suggest you come wearing comfortable clothes and footwear.
10-12am: families and young children
1-3pm: adults

Spaces are limited so please book in advance by emailing or telephone 0207 237 1230