A curated programme of live art at CGP London | Dilston Grove, featuring a host of artists from dark corners, glittery stages, white-walled galleries and gravelly gutters.

For centuries, it has been widely recognised that many who create that anomaly known as “art” may well be looked upon as outsiders, deviants, depraved or mad …and vice versa. BEG, BORROW, STEAL will call upon the spirits of famous artistic, professional (and only sometimes deceased) degenerates such as Genet, Bataille, Orridge, Artaud, Kahlo, Wilde, Emin, Camus, Darger, DeLarverie, Bacon and Duchamp (to name a few). There will be a reconsecration of this one-time church in a new guise, as a haven for those outside of the norm, for some impossibly ‘queer’ artists and their ‘odd-fellow’ associates.

Beginning gradually from the early afternoon, Dilston Grove will be occupied by a handful of works to be surveyed and interfered with by visitors, who are encouraged to look upon this wholly unholy environment from their entirely unique perspectives. Later into the day and evening will be a smorgasbord of shorter performance works building to a crescendo of celebration for the outside, the inside, the upside and the flipside.



Natalie Adams, Katy Baird, Giles Bunch, James Cawson, Tom Estes, Sarah Gavin, Ruby Glaskin, Peter Georgallou, Rich Kightley, Kate Mahony, Laura Dee Milnes, Nigel & Louise, Niall O’Riain, Adam Papaphilippopoulos, Adam Robertson, Holly Slingsby, Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden


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