We are thrilled to announce that CGP London has been awarded funding through Arts Council England’s Catalyst Small Grants scheme. This funding, over an 18 month period, will finance a targeted investment that will enable us to build our capacity and ability to increase the diversity of our income sources so that we can deliver long-term financial resilience. Our Catalyst funded project will enable us to:

  • Work with skilled consultants to identify how we can use our proven fundraising skills to address new sources of sustainable funding
  • Invest in Staff and Board skills to ensure that everyone in the organisation is empowered to articulate our funding message
  • Provide the funding necessary to facilitate short-term staff cover so that we have the time to engage in the development and delivery of the strategy

The Catalyst Small Grants programme was developed by Arts Council England to support organisations to build fundraising capacity to enable them to attract more private giving to arts and culture. It does this by supporting organisations to invest in systems training and developments for staff, volunteers and boards or to cover the costs of external expertise to support their fundraising.

Arts Council England recognise that donations and philanthropy will never replace public-funding shortfalls. However, they are an important source of support for organisations to explore to reduce their financial risk and help them become more resilient. For CGP London this marks a significant opportunity to raise additional funds to commission and deliver an even more ambitious programme that benefits exhibiting artists and visitors. This is important because, as a Registered Charity (no.1073851), we rely on the financial support from individuals, trusts and foundations to deliver our ambitious programme of exhibitions, screening, events and learning activities.