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Code of Conduct 2023-24

A white-walled gallery with people blurred in motion viewing artworks. On the far wall is a large illuminated letter that reads ‘ALWAYS’. On the left wall is a thick cluster of branches coming out of the wall like a root network with elastic bands hung over the branches.

We exist to create an open, safe and respectful environment that is welcome to everyone; a place to connect and facilitate meaning through the experience of art, nature and culture.

To maintain this environment as a space for everyone to enjoy, we hereby outline our responsibilities as an organisation and those expectations we have for all who engage with us, our activities, and daily life in our park.

Our Code of Conduct provides everyone we engage with clear expectations of our collective behaviour, shared responsibilities, and best professional practice.

We ask that everyone observes this policy when visiting, representing, conducting business on behalf of, and working with us.

Download Southwark Park Galleries Code of Conduct (pdf 495kb).

Our Values


Inclusivity & Innovation

We will collectively tackle barriers to inclusion by promoting diversity and respect for all, whilst championing innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking.

Safety & Care

Everyone has the equal right to quality cultural engagement, free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse, and to work in a safe environment

Dignity & Worth

We respect and actively promote the rights, dignity and worth of every individual and treat everyone equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, or social-economic status.

Accountability & Fairness

We are always accountable for delivering on our mission and running the charity fairly; we expect everyone to take responsibility for their own actions, and fair and respectful to all.

Shaky Dome, A Friends' Rendezvous with Plastique Fantastique as part of Mars Year Zero (2019)

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