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Marcia Farquar is performing on top of the old lido fountain outside Southwark Park Galleries, Lake Gallery. Marcia is wearing a blue bonnet, red open jacket and a blue skirt that flows over the three-tiered semi-circle fountain. In the foreground are lot’s of people watching.

We’ve Received Life Saving Cultural Recovery Fund

We are relieved and extremely grateful to be among over 2,700 recipients to benefit from the latest round of awards from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund at such a critical time in the charity’s 37-year history. This award is vital for

19 May - 11 July 2021   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Bedwyr Williams

Preview:  TBC Exhibition Open:  Wednesday // Thursday // Friday // Saturday // Sunday // 11am - 5pm

‘They came via the gift shop after peeling back the security shutter. From the recently upgraded security cameras (the old ones had become totally blind after years of staring at bright white walls), the Director could see that the intruders had browsed

Five paintbrushes laid out one above the other made out of natural materials such as twigs and leaves on a white table. Left of the paintbrushes is a gestural painting in black using the paintbrushes on white paper.

Spring has Sprung

Family Activities Pack to do at Home over the Easter Holidays // Abigail Hunt

Take time to observe micro details of nature and learn how to make colourful paintbrushes from natural materials from your garden or local green space. In this activity pack, artist Abigail Hunt shows you how to create easy viewfinders to observe micro

A performance of two women atop two large metal podiums, which move on tracks that run down the side perimeter of Southwark Park Galleries, Dilston Gallery (a deconsecrated church). The performers are wearing modroc chest pieces with black painted hands and grey faces lipsynching to a soundtrack, gesturing singing and howling motions.

We’re Recruiting // Community Gardener & Front of House

Southwark Park Galleries (managed by the Bermondsey Artists’ Group) is a non-profit contemporary art gallery and registered charity, set across two contrasting spaces in the heart of Southwark Park, Bermondsey. Over the past 37 years, we have commissioned over 450 free exhibitions

A pink background with two headless line drawn people, one is kicking the other in the arse. Text in black around the illustration reads 'Arse Kicking Session for British Artists Who Say Ass'

Fundraising Appeal // Bedwyr Williams Limited Edition

NEW LIMITED EDITION Bedwyr Williams // Arse Kicking Session for British Artists Who Say Ass (2020). £120 incl VAT  Buy now from our online shop. Aware of the difficulty we face as an organisation who have received limited emergency assistance, Bedwyr has

2021 Programme Announcement

We can’t wait to see you again! Running parallel to the exhibition programme will be a series of free workshops for families and young people, Seniors Art School, and artist residences in our Bermondsey Bothy.⠀ BEDWYR WILLIAMS A Southwark Park Galleries touring

Virtual Atmospheres // Seniors Art School

Online Zoom Sessions // Starting 16 April 2021, bi-monthly until September // 11am-1pm each session // Flora Duley

Go on a virtual adventure and create together our own atmospheres, distilling everyday happenings and moments into universal, global happenings. All from the comfort of your own home. Join artist Flora Duley in bi-monthly workshops over Zoom. In these sessions, we will


Family Activities Pack to do at Home // Caroline Wendling

Learn how to make beautiful inks from flowers, weeds and other plants foraged from your garden or local park. In this activity pack, artist Caroline Wendling takes you step-by-step on how to identify, gather and make inks. Download ‘How to Make Inks

Various children's drawings on paper completely covering the floor for Drawing Disco at Southwark Park Galleries. Two children surrounded by pens are drawing with Alexa Lowe crouched next to them and one child standing.

Spring Family Activity Packs

Homeschooling? Exhausted your caché of activities to do with the kids? If you’re looking for some fun to do with the family, we’re bringing the activities to you at home. Over the next couple of months, building on our free family activity packs

Indian ink watercolour painting of a rainbow on paper
2 December 2020, 3pm - 31 January 2021, 5pm   //   Lake Gallery

36th Annual Open Exhibition

Preview:  Wednesday 2 December // 3pm Instagram Live Exhibition Open:  Online

This much-loved show usually receives around 250 entries but this year the response has seen an explosion in entries with over 900 artworks by artists of all backgrounds from across the UK. The pandemic means that this year the exhibition has gone

36th Annual Open Exhibition ‘Best in Show’

We’re excited to announce that the Annual Open 2020 Best in Show, selected by the artist Bedwyr Williams from over 900 entries, goes to Dominic Watson for his video, Fleshy Eaters. You can watch Dominic’s video above. Bedwyr has also selected eight

Fani Parali Short-clawed, Long-clawed, 2020
10 October - 15 November // Extended Dates 10 December - 13 December 2020   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Fani Parali

Exhibition Open:  Thursday - Sunday 11-4pm

AONYX and DREPAN & THE MINDERS OF THE WARM is Fani Parali’s largest solo show to date. The exhibition spans both our galleries and sees the artist reach bold new heights in her extraordinary production methods, testing the limits of scale and

Black and white public park sign directing onwards in every direction by Marcia Farquhar
Launched 13 September 2018   //   Public Art

Marcia Farquhar

‘Onwards’ was commissioned as part of Marcia Farquhar’s 2018 first ‘non-survey’ show DIFFIKUΛT. Much of her work makes frequent and subversive use of familiar cultural forms, ‘Onwards’ is no stranger to this leading us in five different directions with a single recurring

Design  //  Long Story Short