2D & 3D Online Submission Form

This year has been an unexpected challenge in many ways, for everyone. We have had to learn new skills and find new ways of supporting each other. The long-held tradition of our Annual Open Exhibition, founded the same year as the gallery in 1984, is no different.

At this time of year the annual excitement of filling our gallery walls floor to ceiling with artworks and having everyone here to celebrate the show, is sadly not possible, so we’ve had to adapt.

This year the 36th Annual Open Exhibition will go completely digital, with 2D & 3D work taking over our online shop and moving image work screened throughout the exhibition on our website.

To reflect the change in circumstances and support as many artists as we can during these challenging times, we are waiving fees this year.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s ‘Best in Show’ will be selected by the internationally renowned artist Bedwyr Williams.

There is a cash prize of £500 for the ‘Best in Show’ generously donated by Breckman & Company.

Moving the Annual Open online will be a new experience for us as it will for all our participants, but we believe it is going to be an exciting new way to showcase emerging and established artists alike, whilst increasing visibility and more opportunities for all participating artists to sell their work to a much broader online audience. Each sale from The Annual Open Online not only supports artists’ but contributes to Southwark Park Galleries charitable aims and helps keep our programme of exhibitions, events and learning activities free to everyone.

The Annual Open has always existed to encourage artists at all stages of their career from across the UK to submit their work as part of a large-scale annual salon show.

This tradition began at the very inception of the existence of the gallery in 1984 and although the organisation has grown beyond recognition in many ways, this exhibition and resolve to keep it truly open, remains.


We will keep as many of our traditional guidelines as possible, so that next year when we return to our large-scale annual salon show, we can hopefully parallel digital element alongside it from what we learn this year.

2D and 3D work entry form

Please complete one entry form for each artwork (max.3) and make sure all work is no larger than 635mm in length depth and width (including frame for 2D works). After submitting the form, you must email no more than 3 high-quality images of the work to open@southwarkparkgalleries.org from the same email address that you have entered on the form. Each work submitted will be in this online exhibition*

All images must be titled and JPG or PNG, JPGs should be in RGB mode. All images must have a minimum height or width of 800px and be no larger than 4MB. Please take the image head-on, with no angling and in good light without reflection. It’s important that images are of a high standard. If you need advice on taking good images, please watch this guide.

2D WORKS // Up to three two-dimensional works can be submitted. No larger than 635mm (25 inches) in width, length or depth (including frame). You must indicate if the price includes a frame and whether the work is part of an edition.

3D WORKS // Only one three-dimensional work can be submitted per individual. Three-dimensional work must be no larger than 635mm (25 inches) in width, length or depth. In addition to 1 three-dimensional work artists can also submit one additional two-dimensional work (all rules pertaining to two-dimensional works still apply).

*The Gallery reserves the right not to show any work that goes against our constitution.

Moving Image Work //

Only 1 moving image work can be submitted per individual. The maximum duration for moving image works is 5 minutes including credits.

All videos should have an aspect ratio of 16:9, as they will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as a playlist and hosted on our website frontpage.

To ensure the best quality all videos must be either have a Maximum Resolution of 1080p, 1920 x 1080 or Minimum Resolution of 720p, 1280 x 720.

Please do not add padding or black bars directly to your video.

Please send via WeTransfer or Dropbox as a non-expiring shared link to open@southwarkparkgalleries.org

In your email please include:

    • Your full name
    • Title of work including date made
    • Duration
    • One high-quality image from your video to be used as a thumbnail. Please supply this as a ratio of 16:9, no more than 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall, with a minimum width of 640 pixels.

For recommended video encoding, please see this guide.

Fees  //

To reflect the change in circumstances and support as many artists as we can during these challenging times, we are waiving fees this year.

Dates //

Submission deadline Wednesday 18th November 2020

Exhibition: 25th November 2020, 3pm – 31st January 2021, 5pm