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19 May - 11 July 2021   //   Lake Gallery  //  Dilston Gallery

Bedwyr Williams

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‘They came via the gift shop after peeling back the security shutter. From the recently upgraded security cameras (the old ones had become totally blind after years of staring at bright white walls), the Director could see that the intruders had browsed

A pink background with two headless line drawn people, one is kicking the other in the arse. Text in black around the illustration reads 'Arse Kicking Session for British Artists Who Say Ass'

Fundraising Appeal // Bedwyr Williams Limited Edition

NEW LIMITED EDITION Bedwyr Williams // Arse Kicking Session for British Artists Who Say Ass (2020). £120 incl VAT  Buy now from our online shop. Aware of the difficulty we face as an organisation who have received limited emergency assistance, Bedwyr has


Family Activities Pack to do at Home // Caroline Wendling

Learn how to make beautiful inks from flowers, weeds and other plants foraged from your garden or local park. In this activity pack, artist Caroline Wendling takes you step-by-step on how to identify, gather and make inks. Download ‘How to Make Inks

A magazine cutting with the title 'The British Empire' in blue print, in the left-hand corner and a 1823 painted scene of men in Barbados pushing barrels of sugar and rum on the shore, ready to be shipped to England. In the left-hand corner, a paragraph in small print reads: 'Barrels of sugar and rum, brought in carts from the remote plantations to the nearest beach, are rolled in dinghies and rowed out to lighters moored in the shallow water. These small boats took their cargoes round the coast to the island's two ports, where deep-draught merchantmen awaited them. There, the barrels were stowed for the last leg of their journey to England, where the agents of the plantation-owners sold the contents'.
  //   Garden & Bothy

Listen // To Us It Just Looks Like A Lemon
Holly Graham

To Us It Just Looks Like A Lemon is a collection of reflections on the Mayflower and other colonial strategies, and is the outcome of Holly Graham‘s residency at Southwark Park Galleries in 2019. Pulling together her ongoing research into histories and legacies

A black silhouette of a tree on a green background.

A Southwark Park Adventure

Family Activity Pack to do at home // Alexa Lowe

Walk among the beautiful trees in your local green space and draw your favourite ones. In this free downloadable activity pack, artist Alexa Lowe takes you on a tree adventure in Southwark Park. The activity pack is brimming full of creative ideas,

Design  //  Long Story Short